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April 2020


Antonio Mora

How Do You Define Your Kind Of Artwork ?

Definitions confuse me. I can’t, just as I can’t measure the perimeter of the clouds or the number of steps to the ocean. I transmit evanescent sensations, a portrait of people I meet in a parallel dimension that we can glimpse in our dreams but that disappears upon waking up.

Your Works Are Trips Into Other Dimensions…

In my opinion the material dimension runs parallel to others. I’m doing an exercise in introspection, I empty my thoughts and enter a state of meditation. I try to keep my mind open to interferences, to open up and let in a glimmer of light, then I lean over quickly to capture and model it. This is my work.

This Concept Of Capturing Interferences Is Very Interesting…

My trips between dimensions and captured interferences flow into a portrait that includes all kind of worlds. I’m inspired by interferences, by glimpses of light. In that way atavistic memories are formed in my mind, memories imprinted on the collective consciousness of humanity.

We Can Often See Your Works Being Used As Decorative Tapestries…

The fact that I am also an interior decorator undoubtedly leads me to create works that enchant space, especially in public spaces like hotels. The guest can live for a night inside one of my works. It seems to me to be a nice alternative to art galleries, being able to live inside a work of art without having to pay an astronomical sum.

Are You Influenced By Your Spanish Roots?

I don’t consider myself to be a typical Spanish person. I don’t like the barbarism of bullfighting or the holy processions. At the same time I don’t deny my Phoenician blood, the light of the sea, the fantasy and the typical Mediterranean haggling.

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