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November 2020


Corrado Griggi

Corrado, How Do You Feel Being A Photographer?

I can’t define myself as a photographer. I need to create images made of lines and I do it through photography. Creativity represents a good solution to bring out my inner personality. I absolutely love when two and two makes five, when the sum goes into a spiral, this is my dope.

Your Photography Is Desctriptive, Is This Your Symbiosis With The Revier You Shoot?

To answer your question I go back to biology. Cohabitating among different living beings: animals, trees. Even more the colour of the grass, the smell of the rain, the coldness that enters my bones. All this is marvellous to me, I feel at ease, it’s my magic! Only the elves are missing here!

I See More And More Night Shots With Natural Light, Without Flash …

Yes this is true. Also because all my equipment needs to fit in my backpack. I trust the natural light of the celestial bodies.

Do You Prepare Your Scheduling In Advance To Be Ready For The Full Moon Nights?

Oh yes! it all starts much before the full moon night. I visit locations and imagine how they will show their beauty with only the moonlight. I always have a lunar calendar in my pocket, so as to schedule where to be at the right moment. Each time is an adventure, preparing my equipment, going on location, waiting for the change between sunlight and moonlight. Observing the sky tapestry, conversing with the moon, quarreling with little clouds as they move freely and often go where they shouldn’t. I love the quiet hours, they are priceless to me, they amplify all the senses.

In Japan There Is A Common Saying That The Moon Gets Its Magnificence The Day After, Because There Is A Little Imperfection …

I adore imperfections, they make everything so perfect !

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