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April 2020


Lab Service Photo

Benni Pedi Founder And Owner Of LabServicePhoto, Tell Us About Your Professional Journey?

I’m a technician who was very much interested in sensitometry of film and photo printing systems. I attended many workshops of the major companies. So that’s me! I got to know film, and I learned to store a lot of information in my eye!

Indeed Your Eye Seems To Me To Be Able To Filter Light Like A Prism!

Yeah, you could say that! I learned to pick up the intensity and hue of colours. I identify on the film colours that I couldn’t see otherwise in nature … the fullness of the turquoise blue… the delicacy of the cardinal plum reds … the warmth of solar yellows … and of course the grey greens of my stormy sea. I can identify the depth of field and the veiling of the film.

Tell Me About Attending The Laboratories, Where You Learned “The School Of The Eye” …

Absolutely! I think it was an historical period, it would be impossible today. Attending the workshops of large companies and accessing the information on both film and high-tech printing! My eye is my greatest asset!

And Then You Decided To Open Your Own Laboratory …

Exactly! I founded LabServicePhoto, as the name suggests “in the service of photography”. It was still the time of analogue. I did printing consultancy but meanwhile I was searching for new and unique printing materials. My laboratory immediately became a meeting point for the Sicilian photo artists but also from abroad.

And Now Your Laboratory Became Digital And High-Tech …

Our laboratory was born at the turn of the millennium! From the analogue we moved to the digital and high-tech, additionally we are very much involved in the researching of new printing materials like plexiglass and concrete.

And Why Base Yourself In This Southern Town?

Palermo is my home! I know it and I love it! This amazing town is a bridge between the two continents, with an enormous artistic heritage, and now for several years a hotbed of contemporary art.

And Right Now Must Be A Change Of Epoch For The Management …

Yes the post COVID world! Until a few months ago here it was like an African kasbah, very popular among photographers who have become friends. Going forward, these relationships will be built up online. I have no doubts that in this new age my colleagues, the artists will upload their files and continue to benefit from my advice and experience.

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