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December 2019


Love again

Same girl, sam smile

Tonight I asked my dog if … she said “madly”

Luz do Amor, Light of Love, came to me at the end of November 2016.

It is also through her that I remember that kind of love, that kind of compassion.

It is also through her, through her delicate energy, that love can awaken.

My time of protection, of sleep, of cocooning, is now over.

I can finally wake up, open the door, open the windows and breathe new fresh air.

Her deep soul is precious to me now that she’s a puppy, but even later she will bring much light wherever she walks.

She’s the key to opening sweetness and love.

Contact with newborns is fundamental, it allows me to breathe again freshness, birth, all that is not yet tamed.

She has brought a precious time. I can change, I can move again. How much beauty, how much naturalness, how much color, how much love!

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