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December 2020


RAX Ragnar Axelsson

You Have Crossed The 20th Century And You’re Now In The New Millenium Witnessing The Beauty Of Nature Again And Again …

There is so much beauty in our world. I have been around for some time, witnessing the changes to our planet, focusing on the ARCTIC. The glaciers and the sea ice are melting and it is so sad to witness these changes. I have the feeling that it is important to document in photography for future generations and to open eyes for the world to see.

Your Pictures Inspire These Words In Me “Humanity Still Loves Its Planet”…

It is our only home and we have to take care of it, I do believe that most people are on the same page. Sometimes you just have to do something to make people think about life on earth.

Your Artic Heroes, Your Dogs Are Powerful And Touching At The Same Time …

The Greenlandic sled dog is the forgotten hero. Those dogs made it possible for man to reach both poles. A Greenlandic woman once said to me that without the Greenlandic sled dog there would not be any Greenlanders. Some of the dogs have almost a human instinct. There are many stories about them and how when all hope was gone they brought their masters home in storms most would not have survived.

We Could Say That The Common Theme Which Marks Your Work Is Water In All Its Solid Forms …

Everything that I have been photographing and documenting is related to water, melting sea ice, glaciers, and the storms that I was fighting to photograph to show how life really is and can be in the Arctic countries.

What Is The Next Project Or Goal Of The Photographer, Documentarist, Interpreter And Nature Lover Ragnar Axelsson?

I will continue photographing all eight Arctic countries and documenting the changes that are happening there. I think it is very important to do so. The Arctic will be the biggest issue on the planet in the coming years. It is our responsability to show this part of the planet to the world. Photographers, artists, scientists and filmmakers must work to open people’s eyes and to make them think about the future for the next generation.

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