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April 2020


Reza Mousavi

Why Did You Become A Graphic Designer?

Simply because in my opinion graphic design communicates with all other kinds of art, with all types of geometry and spaces, graphic design is everywhere on all sizes of canvas. And of course it can also communicate across diverse cultures.

Was It Easy In Iran To Become A Graphic Designer?

Actually yes, im my country, graphic design has a special place and there are many reknowned teachers. It is then up to everyone individually to continue their training and to accumulate different experiences to go beyond the borders of our country. For us it is also a question of typography and calligraphy, which are quite different from the European ones.

Was It A Tactical Choice For You To Become A Graphic Designer?

My skills are in graphic design, I’m not so talented with others types of art. For me graphic design is the easiest way to express myself, to bring my thoughts out of me.

What Inspires You The Most?

I need to understand the subject, the concept and then I try to display it through calligraphy, symbols or even ancient art.

Are You Happy With Your Choice Of Profession?

Very much so! Graphic design is my life, my way of observing the world. I always hope to be able to break religious, political and cultural borders. With my skills I hope to take a little step forwards in this direction.

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