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April 2020


Adria Nabekle

How Did You Get Into Photography?

I didn’t consciously go towards photography, photography caught me in a natural way. Having studied theater and worked on several TV sets all across Europe, I developed my visual skills as well as my sense of colour, scenery and framing.

What Is Your Focus In Your Photography?

For me it is all about the function of the human eye. Our eye sees hundreds of images per second. My pictures are frames, a split second in time, a moment of a narrative. They allow me to imagine the sequence. I can dive into that geometry and feel like I am part of it, as an actor or creator.

What Is Your Opinion In Framing?

The frame itself is the result of an elaborate composition of dimensions, expression and colours. It narrates a journey through a created space: the foreground, perspectives, background, verticality, the shadow of light, it is architecture, an Opera Aria; Piano, Allegro, Amore, Forte, Fortissimo.

Do You Have A Special Fondness For Any Particular Kind Of Photography?

I shoot only portraits. The human body is my geometry, I like to shoot nude skin. A Portrait is magic, it is the special relationship that happens between the model and me.

And Regarding Your Upcoming Plans?

At the moment I’m thinking about Calanca Biennale which is a visual art festival that features land art and graphic illustration, it will take place in Switzerland in 2021. I’m basically concept planner of Calanca Biennale 2021 an I’m already working for the coming editions 2023 and 2025.

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