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April 2020


Hitoshi Miura

A Drop Of Water …

A star like a drop of water in the cosmos, this is our blue planet! This is the subject of my last illustration. I love everything blue, the sky, the ocean … !

Can You Remember Your First Steps With A Pencil?

No, I can’t … just as I can’t remember when I started understanding colours or eating or drinking by myself. What I do remember is my childhood in the kindergarten, I used to paint on every surface! My teachers weren’t happy with my behaviour and with a lot of tears I had to learn discipline which was “painting only on paper!”

You’re In The Generation Of The American Graffiti …

I’m Japanese and I grew up with strict rules. To obey adults is very important in my country! I couldn’t really, but the rule was that I had to polish as a punishment, so I spend a lot of time polishing … I discovered the graffiti artist Keith Haring when he became world famous and it was a shocking surprise! It opened a door that I couldn’t enter until now!

You Are No Longer Interested In Painting On Large Surfaces?

Sure, I’d love to! But till now I can’t break my habits and I still draw and sketch on every kind of paper, the back of used sheets, I just can’t throw them away …

What About Your Professional Path?

I used to work as a designer for a company where I learned high-technique of course … but I soon became a freelancer because my goal has always been to express my creativity in a style that hasn’t been seen before. I’m perfectly conscious of the fact that I’m only halfway and I continue to move forward on the journey to meet my intimate self, to meet the child in me who instinctively goes beyond the borders of paper, of the square, circle, colours … beyond the borders of definitions.

What About Teaching ?

I’ve highly enjoyed teaching the younger generation and I’ve worked as a 3D illustrator … I’ve won awards for my work and I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with a major company like Walt Disney Productions, but all this is all in the past for me!

What Are Your Upcoming Plans?

In this year of 2020 which is full of tremendous changes for our planet, I’ve decided to begin again my second youth and return to my starting point, revisiting the simplest act of drawing! The flow comes from my hands through every kind of pencil, today analog and digital are totally fused in me. On my horizon right now is to join that drop of water who I am to the ocean of my time !

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