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December 2019


Tokyo One Way Chapter Twins

We are kind of the same, having grown in two separate sacs we’re not identical, but we do have many somatic features in common. More or less the same height, the same hair, sandy blond wavy, the same blue eyes, but those of my sister are round, whereas mine are elongated. A different smile as well because Ama is reflective, I am instinctive. She is toned, I’m skin and bone. I’m light, she is olive-skinned. She smells of arabic coffee, apricot for me please. Together, we make each other whole and I’m grateful to destiny for having been born together. Her boyfriend used to say “She is everything you are, plus herself” I haven’t decided yet about my schedule before meeting Ama. Chapter Hachi my love

He came behind me brushing my hips and opened it, he was caught for words  for a couple of seconds, he threaded the moon on the leather band he wore around his neck and did the same with the sun for me.

“If you only wished!”

Everything was ready, more then that we were ready.

“Do you want to go for a stroll ?” 

“Not for Luz and me neither!”

“Can I kiss you ?”

I did not answer but my skin did. He kissed me between cheek and mouth, “and now for real.”

He leaned his lips on mine and instead to pop he made a slight pressure and began to play like a jelly fish. We opened our eyes and looking at me with the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen, he pushed his tongue in my mouth, he had a good flavor of dry bitter-sweet apricots that I adored, moist just the right amount, not too much saliva, not too dry. We continued for some minutes licking our palate and finally he whispered “If I had known I had suspended you for three weeks instead of three days!”

Hisao and Ama were back “Already ?” “One hour.”

She noticed the traces on my lips and smiled of  happiness.

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